Four Design Trends for 2022

white bathroom with walk in shower, white bathrub, gold fixtures

At Bender, we’re firm believers that your home should feel like “you.” Whether that means a classic, traditional design or a contemporary, streamlined look, we think what you like best is the most important factor to consider when making decisions about your home.

That said, it’s fun to keep an eye on the coming design trends as we look forward to a new year. This year, there are plenty that you can integrate that feel “fresh” but also true to your own style. Here are some of the trends we’re beginning to see a lot of—many of which will stand the test of time.


It’s hard to say that natural stone is a trend. After all, we discussed here how integrating it into your home design one of the easiest ways to ensure that your space feels classic and timeless. But what is a trend is using a lot of it. This year, we’re seeing natural stone like marble used for bathroom floors, bathroom walls, shower walls, and more. It’s a “more is more” look that is truly striking.

Additionally, 2022 is bringing with it the use of a lot of natural, organic elements like wood. The imperfections of reclaimed wood or wood with variation to it is more appealing right now than something that feels “perfect.” An imperfect wooden vanity is a beautiful way to add this organic touch to your bathroom. Another more affordable way to integrate this look is by placing a teak bench in your shower or a wooden stool beside your bathtub. This offers extra storage, but it’s also an eye-catching design element.


We’ve all been through the wringer the past few years, so it’s no surprise that many homeowners are opting for the ultimate in shower luxury right now. We’re seeing a major design focus on showers, from interesting feature walls to double showerheads to luxury, spa-like features like built-in stereos and steam showers.

Creating a beautiful shower not only makes your bathroom striking to look at and enjoy, but it provides a retreat for you to relax at the end of the day. It’s a way to add some self-care into your routine that you can enjoy for years to come.


We believe that white and neutral designs will always be in style. This year, however, we’re seeing a return of color—in a big way. Designers and homeowners are choosing colorful tile, bright paints, and even colored bathtubs, which adds a vibrancy to spaces that we haven’t seen in a while.

This trend is an easy one to try out. Since powder bathrooms are small, they’re an ideal place to add color and pattern to your home without it feeling overwhelming. Consider painting your bathroom walls a color that you love or try painting a neutral vanity something bright and happy.


This trend has been brewing for a while now, but we’re finally seeing it really come to fruition. The “look” these days for faucets, fixtures, and hardware is to choose something that feels collected—the antithesis of matchy-matchy design elements. This can make your space feel elevated and “rich,” if done deliberately.

An easy way to achieve this collected look is to mix the metals that you choose in your space. This might mean choosing a polished nickel sink faucet and a brass shower faucet. (Here’s a piece we wrote that details how to make this look feel cohesive and completed, but also interesting).

Another quick switch is to change out the hardware on your vanity for something that feels more one-of-a-kind. It’s said that hardware is the “jewelry” of the room for a reason; you can easily add fun, interesting pieces to your existing furniture for a “collected” or whimsical look.

We love watching how trends ebb and flow, and it’s fun to see how our customers integrate them into their designs. We look forward to helping you achieve your vision—and to admiring your creativity in 2022!