Kitchen Cabinet Ideas – How to Choose Kitchen Cabinetry for Your Home

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Updating or renovating a kitchen does not have to feel overwhelming. While we know there are many important choices to make when deciding on a style and layout to live with, our consultants will help you through the process providing expert guidance backed by extensive industry experience.  We spoke with the Director of our Kitchen Cabinet Department, J.W. Tassmer, and we’ve outlined the steps for how to choose the cabinetry that’s right for you—and how to get the cabinet design and renovation process started.


If you know your kitchen cabinetry needs an update or you’re installing it into a new build, take some time to reflect on your needs as a homeowner. For help with this, we’ve outlined some steps you can take here. Do you enjoy entertaining and need ample storage and counter space? Or do you keep things minimal and enjoy the look of open shelving? Make a mental—or better yet, physical—note of what you desire in your ideal kitchen.

Now is also the time to decide on a budget. Cabinetry styles and custom options range in price. Deciding how much you’re willing to spend early on will help your designer steer you toward the options you’ll likely feel best about. Your budget may also be estimated on your home’s value.

Finally, set a preferred timeline. If your kitchen needs to be finished by a certain date, make note of that. This might also affect the choices you make when deciding on finishes and accents.


Since kitchen cabinetry comes with many big decisions, it’s important to ensure that you choose a style and layout that you really love. The easiest way to ensure you make the right decision is to scour the internet for inspiration. Our website has two great options: our kitchen inspiration gallery which is full of photos and our virtual tour that allows you to get a feel for what we have in our showrooms. We also highly recommend creating a Pinterest board and searching for inspiration that you can show your designer.


Choosing your appliances early on will help your designer and contractor measure accurately for your cabinetry. When selecting appliances, we recommend ensuring that the style of the appliance blends with what you have in mind for the rest of the space. Looking for inspiration online and taking note of your personal needs will help here, too.


Once you’ve gathered your inspiration, budget, and appliance selections, it’s time to start the major work. At this point, you’ll want to choose a contractor or installer for your kitchen cabinetry. Simultaneously, you’ll want to select a designer to walk you through the cabinetry selection process. Your designer will measure your kitchen and then use your inspiration and budget to present a design and layout for your space. You, your designer, and your contractor will collaborate to ensure that the perfect design is in place for your cabinetry.



This step is where we think the fun truly begins. At this point, you’ll work with your designer to choose kitchen cabinet door styles, finishes, and accessories like drawer and cabinet pulls. You’ll also select your countertops, backsplash, plumbing fixtures, and lighting. This is where your inspiration images will really come into play. Your designer will help you choose elements that make your kitchen cabinetry updates look—and function—like your dream space.

While the process of selecting kitchen cabinetry can be long, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Our designers will help you navigate our extensive selection to create a kitchen cabinet layout and style that is unique and perfect for you and your home.