Neutral Walls? Consider Bold Tile to Add Interest.

white rectangular kitchen tile backsplash

We’re seeing more options for tile designs and materials than ever before, inspiring us to look for ways to incorporate all of those colors and textures throughout our customers’ homes. Adding tile is a perfect, and often unexpected, way to go bold in your space. Here are our tips for integrating eye-catching tile into your home.

Add color. Our extensive tile collection features selections in every hue. From bright blues and greens to warm pinks and browns, you’re sure to find something that fits your aesthetic. If you choose a colorful tile, we recommend placing it in a neutral room or one with similar and complementary accent colors, so that your tile won’t compete with other elements in the space.


Add texture and pattern. If you prefer a neutral palette, there are countless tile choices that utilize grays, creams, and whites in interesting and dynamic patterns. Mix up textures and materials to create something truly unique.


Add geometric shapes. For an eye-catching look, add geometric tile to your space. To the untrained eye, these can look like ordinary triangles or squares, but in the right application, you can achieve an ultra-modern look. A combination of black and white tiles or a high-contrast grout with a monotone tile can have an even more striking effect.


Wondering where to add statement tile into your home? Here are a few of our favorite ideas.

Kitchen. It’s nothing new to add tile to your kitchen’s backsplash, but it offers an ideal spot to try out some of the bold design ideas we outlined above. The relatively small space will allow the tile to shine without overwhelming the space.


Powder Room. Your powder room is the perfect space for a statement-making tile. Using bold colors or interesting patterns can make it feel extra special.


Accent Wall. Adding accent tile to one wall of a shower can create a striking, and often budget-friendly, contrast. Or take your bathroom walls up a notch with a feature wall behind the vanity.


Laundry Room. Placing tile on laundry room walls adds another layer of visual interest and can take a utilitarian space up a notch.


When it comes to using tile, the possibilities are endless. With the variety of options and price points now available, you’re sure to find the statement-maker you’ve been dreaming of.