Small Bathroom Ideas – Make the Most of Your Bathroom Space

silver bathroom faucet with turn knobs

One of the most common design questions our consultants receive is how to make the most of a bathroom with little square footage. Luckily, we have plenty of tricks up our sleeves. Here are a few of our favorite ideas for making even the smallest of bathrooms feel both functional and beautiful.

Use tile to your design’s advantage.

Not only is tile functional in damp spaces like a bathroom, the range of materials, textures, colors, and designs oftile can help you create a bathroom that is perfectly suited to your home’s aesthetic. If you prefer a sleek, modern look, a high-gloss, vertical tile option might be ideal for your space. If you tend to like traditional design elements, an option like subway tile might be your best bet. In short, tile offers an ideal way to embrace style in your small bathroom without taking up any additional space. And with our hundreds of the tile options, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Minimize your sink’s footprint.

Small bathrooms are not the place to try to squeeze in a large, double-sink vanity. Instead, opt for a smaller option that takes up much less space to keep the bathroom from being overwhelmed by the sink. Today, there are plenty of small vanity options that are anything but boring. For a traditional choice that you can’t go wrong with, a pedestal sink or small vanity with a storage cabinet underneath might be ideal. Other trendier options include hanging vanities and wall-mounted sinks. These offer a fun, unexpected way to keep your small space airy while making an interesting design statement.

Add Textured Materials for Visual Interest.  

Small bathrooms are the ideal space to play with color in your home, but sticking with a monochromatic scheme will make the room feel larger. We love an all-white bathroom since it can look either traditional, modern, or somewhere in between. When mixed with textured elements like natural stone or a copper sink, the white shows off these unique accents adding visual appeal without taking up precious space.

The right shower door can make a major difference.

If your shower is taking up what feels like the entire bathroom, changing out the shower door can create the illusion of a much bigger space. With clear glass rather than an unwieldy shower curtain, the room automatically looks bigger. It’s a simple way to ensure the bathroom doesn’t feel cramped.

Create light and airiness with the right mirror.

Similar to the glass shower doors we mentioned above, mirrors can make a small space feel much bigger since they reflect light. By installing a large mirror over your sink, you’ll help your bathroom take on an airier feel. Another pro tip we have is to utilize a medicine cabinet in your small space since they offer storage as well. And since mirrors come in all shapes, sizes, and designs, they provide the perfect opportunity to make an interesting design statement in the bathroom. Simply put, they provide double the benefit: aesthetics plus functionality.

Utilize smart accents.

In our opinion, small bathrooms are not the place to go with lots of decorative elements like a gallery wall. Rather, we recommend thinking hard about the accents you decide to keep in the space. Of course, you’ll need towel racks or hooks and some storage, but aside from that, we think keeping it simple is best. A small plant and a decorative tray for soap and hand towels may be all your small space needs to shine.

Designing a small bathroom may be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. By integrating a few of these suggestions, your small space can be transformed from cramped to spacious and functional.