10 Simple Ways to Minimize Bathroom Clutter

ogee drop shower accent tile

No matter the size of your bathroom, clutter can accumulate quickly. From toiletries to towels to hair styling products, it can be difficult to maintain a clean and organized space in your bathroom. Whether you’ve recently remodeled or are planning on a bathroom refresh in the future, keeping the space tidy increases its aesthetic appeal. Below, we’re sharing our tips for keeping your bathroom clutter-free — so that you can most enjoy your bathroom’s beautiful design.

The Vanity

In our opinion, a neat, organized look in your bathroom starts with minimal knick-knacks on the countertop. If your vanity is covered with miscellaneous items, it can be difficult to enjoy its aesthetics — not to mention that it also makes it difficult to take advantage of its function. And if you use a pedestal sink or have a smaller bathroom, it’s even more important to keep those counters clear since space is limited. To make the most of your vanity’s countertop, we recommend:

• Wall-Mounted Faucets. These offer a distinctive look and not for every style, but we think they’re really interesting and of-the-moment. Instead of a traditional style in which the faucet takes up a little space above the sink on the countertop, a wall-mounted faucet provides a more minimalist look and takes up less space since it’s on the wall. These come in a variety of finishes and styles and can make for a bold look.

• Wall-Mounted Accessories. Why stop the fun at faucets? We also suggest considering a wall-mounted soap dispenser or soap dish. Another fun element, this clears up much-needed space on a small vanity and ensures that it won’t be covered in too many bottles or bars.

• Towel Racks. This one may go without saying, but adding a stylish hook or a pretty towel rack does away with the need of keeping a hand towel on the countertop. Plus, it speeds up drying time and adds some interest to the bathroom’s walls. If you don’t have the wall space, we’ve seen some elegant designs that integrate towel storage on the side of the vanity itself.

Keeping the countertops clear also has a lot to do with how well-organized and functional the vanity’s storage options are. If you have a larger vanity with drawers or cabinetry, we recommend utilizing it to the best of your ability. Here are some of our favorite ways:

• Styling Tool Organization. If you’ve ever dried your hair in a small space, you know how difficult it can be to balance the tool on a pedestal sink or small vanity. Enter the Robern collection. This collection has a ton of organizational options, including hair dryer holders and in-drawer electrical outlets, making drying and styling your hair as simple as opening a drawer. It seems like a small thing, but it really makes a difference not to have to fight chords.

• Toiletry Organization. Along the same lines, utilizing drawer inserts for vanity drawers can help keep everything organized and ensure your items have an allotted space. If your vanity doesn’t have drawers, storage options like pretty baskets and bins can help corral your things.

The Walls

The vanity isn’t the only place that offers storage in your bathroom. The walls, too, can help provide organization opportunities, if you get creative.

• Towel Storage. Instead of draping your towel over the shower curtain or door, adding simple hooks or towel racks to your walls can help keep the space looking neater. If your wall space is limited, consider adding a simple hook to the back of the room’s door. There are plenty of pretty options available that suit any décor.

• Recessed Medicine CabinetsRecessed medicine cabinets offer a two-for-one solution. Hung above your vanity or sink, they’re a mirror that you’ll use often. And since they open, they offer the added benefit of hidden storage for your bottles. We like the recessed look — since they’re inset into the wall, they look like a standard mirror, offering the perfect solution for “sneaky” storage.

• Floating Shelves. Adding a few shelves in your bathroom can give you the space to put some fun decorative items like a plant or candle. They can also be used as a spot to put folded towels or jars of toiletries.

The Shower or Bathtub

Do away with leaving your toiletries on the floor of your shower or tub. Clear the clutter with these pretty options:

• Shower Niches. If you’re building a home or remodeling, we highly recommend integrating a shower niche into your wall. A recessed spot in the shower wall, it offers a fun design opportunity for an interesting tile as well as a storage opportunity for your shampoo bottles and soaps. Keep them off the shower floor and maintain a streamlined look by ensuring you add a shower niche.

• Bathtub Caddies. Available in many designs, adding a pretty caddy to your bathtub can increase your storage capabilities. We’ve seen wooden ones that go across an entire free-standing bathtub, and they add a beautiful design element. They also offer somewhere to place soap, a book, or a even candle for ultimate relaxation.

Organization in the bathroom is attainable. By implementing just a few of these ideas you’ll drastically reduce clutter creating a space that is both functional and visually appealing.