5 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Bathroom Without Completely Renovating

blue shower tile, steam shower

If you’re not in the market for a complete bathroom renovation but your bathroom is feeling a little dull or dated, all hope is not lost. In fact, there are lots of ways to give your bathroom a little glow-up without breaking the bank. Here are some simple ways to refresh your bathroom without renovating — all you need are a few new products and some inspiration and creativity.


If you scroll through our bathroom renovation inspiration photos or peruse them on Pinterest, you’ll notice that beautiful hardware can make a real statement in a bathroom. Since bathrooms are generally smaller spaces, the hardware in the space can help show off the style of the room. For example, antiqued brass hardware can look amazing next to exposed brick or in a traditionally-designed home, while bright chrome might pop next to a dramatic wall color or in an ultra-modern space. In short, switching out your hardware can be the first small step to making your bathroom really sing. Lately, we’re seeing a lot of mixing and matching with hardware — for example, a brass towel rack in a room with bronze lighting. Since this is an affordable change, there’s no harm in having a little fun with it.


Like your bathroom’s hardware, your faucet can become one of the focal points of the room. Nowadays, there are tons of interesting faucet styles on the market for whatever design style you’re after. From wall-mounted options that are minimalist and sculptural to traditional nickel selections, you can change the whole look of your sink and vanity with a new faucet. We think that the faucet offers an interesting opportunity for a modern look if you choose a different finish than your hardware. That said, we recommend only having two to three different finishes in the room so that it maintains a cohesive, styled look.


While this doesn’t require an entire, full-blown renovation, it may be a little more work-intensive than the previous two suggestions. That said, if you’re able to, updating your vanity can make a real impact in the room. If you find that you need more storage, choosing a vanity that has under-sink storage or plenty of drawers may help minimize the bathroom’s clutter. If you’re in a tiny space and feel your current vanity is too large, a small, pedestal vanity might solve that design dilemma. The vanity is where your eye is drawn when you enter the space, so we recommend choosing one that complements your home’s style. If your budget allows, top it off with a new mirror — another way to give your bathroom a fresh look.


If your bathroom looks messy, it’s hard to enjoy it no matter how it’s designed or decorated. That’s why we recommend taking the time to think through the space’s storage capabilities. If the layout isn’t currently working, it might be time to invest in a recessed medicine cabinet that allows you to store your toiletries away from your countertop. If there are towels everywhere, consider installing some extra towel racks or decorative hooks to help solve that problem. Even installing something as simple as drawer inserts to help you stay organized can help make bathroom more aesthetically appealing. If you need more practical tips on bathroom storage, we’ve rounded up a few here.  


If your budget allows, you can truly change the look — and feel — of your bathroom with one luxury product. For example, if you enjoy saunas and steam rooms, consider replacing your current shower with a Mr. Steam shower. If that is too big of an upgrade, adding a simple heated towel rack can help give you a spa-like feel. Other luxurious options include replacing your current toilet seat with a new, heated one. There are plenty of ways that you can add a moment of luxury into your bathroom routine without having to renovate the entire space.

Bathroom renovations and updates can range from super pricey to simple and affordable. If you’re looking to give your space a refresh, we recommend spending some time thinking about the parts of your current space that concern you the most and then using most of your budget to fix that problem. Whether that means a simple hardware upgrade or a brand-new vanity, Bender’s showroom consultants are happy to walk you through the process of improving your space.