Expert Advice for a Well Planned Bathroom Remodel

bathroom remodel, before and after

Expert Advice for a Well Planned Bathroom Remodel

A bathroom remodel is one of the most complex remodeling projects a homeowner can undertake. To help your bathroom remodel go smoothly and deliver the results you want, we asked Christina Wooden – a Bender showroom consultant extraordinaire – to share some of her expert advice. Here are Christina’s top 5 tips.

1. Reserve part of your budget for the unexpected.

If you need to stick to a firm budget, it’s important to know the absolute maximum amount you’re willing to spend. Then set aside at least 15 percent for unforeseen costs, such as an electrical, plumbing, or subflooring issue that’s discovered only after work starts.

You can think of it as dividing your maximum budget into a working budget and a contingency budget. By sticking to your working budget, you’re better able to make selections in flooring and fixtures that you love from the start than if you’re forced to default to less expensive alternatives because of an unexpected expense.

2. Get estimates for material and labor from trade professionals.

Of course, you need an estimate to plan your budget. But it also provides a wealth of other useful information. In discussing the estimate and scope of work, you should get a better understanding of all the parts involved and a reasonable timeframe for the project.

For example, you might learn that the type of shower or tub you want requires extensive modifications to existing plumbing. It is always better to know this sort of thing before work starts. That way you avoid an unpleasant surprise and have the opportunity to rethink your selection, if you wish.

3. Share your vision with your showroom consultant.

Make your visit to the showroom about more than just scoping out and selecting materials. A good consultant has played a role in thousands of bathroom remodels, and chances are he or she can not only help you find the right products for your project but also help you sharpen your vision. “I can’t tell you how often I hear ‘That’s a great idea!’” says Christina.

4. Make sure your installer knows your selections.

All the items you pick out – tub, shower, fixtures, flooring, tile, and so on – need to work together seamlessly. Letting your installer know your selections helps him put together a more accurate project schedule and helps him avoid ordering products that don’t fit your application.

5. Don’t gut your bathroom until your orders are in.

Some custom products can take 5 or more weeks to be delivered. That’s a long time to live with an unusable bathroom. Your remodeling project will go far more smoothly if gutting is done when products are ready to be installed.