Home Is Where the Art Is – Curate Your Space with Tile

glass mosaic brown and white accent wall bathroom tile

Tile Art History 101

The existence of tile dates back as many as 25,000 years ago. Unearthing the ancient cities of Egypt, Greece, and Pompeii has revealed intricate inlays of stone and clay tile mosaics that tell stories of lost empires. During the Medieval era, stained glass and precious stones were used not only for their beauty but as a status symbol. Only castles, churches and noble households could afford such luxuries. In the Victorian era, intricate tile patterns abounded. Encaustic tiles, made of cement, introduced new ways to use color and pattern.

For centuries, the beauty and artistry of decorative tile remained a luxury available only to royalty and the elite. By the early 1900s, the mass production of tile developed, making it attainable to all. Because of this, tile evolved into a material of utility rather than one of beauty. Now, all that has changed, and we’ve welcomed back decorative tile to adorn our homes.

Tile as Art

Many of today’s tile selections are museum-worthy – but you don’t have to be royalty to display it in your home. Tile manufactures like Mosaique Surface, New Ravenna, Teaki Tile, Quemere Designs, and Sicis, are changing the approach of design with inspiring combinations of materials and patterns.

Become a Tile Artist in Your Home

Make your powder room a jewel box with the shimmer from mother of pearl tile. Relax in your porcelain plank shower as if you are in your very own Swedish sauna. Kick your backsplash up a notch with copper and stone fleur de lis mosaic. Be bold in your guest bath with colorful subway tile. The countless designs, textures, and colors can transform an accent wall or lackluster fireplace into an enduring work of art. Let your inner Picasso come alive with tile.

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Bathroom design by Geraldine Eisenberg of Aiken, SC | Tile sourced through Renaissance Tile & Bath of Charlotte, NC.